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Simply The Best. 

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Why do I need Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is what allows our wash procedure to work. Without Ceramic Pro being on your vehicle, we simply can not properly wash your vehicle efficiently enough to provide a hand wash at gas station prices.

Ceramic Pro:

• Years of Hydrophobicity: Reduces Water Usage

• Chemically Resistant: Allows us to to properly clean your car without worry

Ultra High Gloss: Your car will look freshly detailed and polished after each wash. Nothing else can do this.

We are the premier car wash, clear bra and Ceramic Pro facility in Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities!

Why do I need Hand Washes?

Our hand washes are one of kind. Seriously. There is no comparison. We have no competition. You are hard pressed to find anywhere in the Twin Cities where you can get your car safely washed by a human for under $50.00

We’ve spent years perfecting our wash procedure. Think of our hand wash more along the lines of a quick detail but it’s just as fast as a gas station wash!

The difference?

• Ultimate Surface Protection: Our washes will preserve the surfaces of your vehicle over time, unlike a machine wash which expedites the decay of your car.

• 80% Reduction of Water: Machine tunnel washes use an estimated 50 gallons of water per wash. We use between 5-15 gallons per wash

• Ultra High Quality: Every step of our wash is an intentional process that has been refined over 4 years. Our products are the best in the industry. Our soap is the best soap for Ceramic coated vehicles. Our water is highly purified, guaranteed not to leave water spots. We use high power leaf blowers to dry your vehicle. This all adds up to a proper touch car wash that won’t scratch or mar your paint.

• Creates Jobs: Machine verses man. Take a look around. We need the types of jobs that a proper car wash can provide.

• Unbelievable Results: Your car will look newer longer. 

Save time. Save money. Save resources. The human touch is simply better. We provide the best car wash in Minneapolis.

Will You Wash My Car Without Ceramic Pro?

Yes! However, the end result is not nearly the same.

What you lose without Ceramic Pro on your car:

• Time
• Money
• Water
• Gloss
• Quality
• That “new car” feeling

Plus washing without protection is ultimately vain. Either way- schedule a wash and you’ll learn more when you come!

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